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The Mission.

Mi Vecino is committed to the empowerment and improvement of  minority communities in Florida. These are OUR communities. We live here, our children live here, our friends and family live here.
We are building organizing power within Florida’s most underserved and disadvantaged communities. This is how we will create our own opportunities and improve our representation. Mi Vecino is a diverse, grassroots organization working hard and smart to empower and educate our neighbors.
Why do we do it? Because want our independence. We want more than representation, we want GOOD representation. We want equal opportunities, equal access to jobs and equal education.  
Our work is empowering people and connecting resources to the communities that need them most.

Building Power.

Educational Programs
Increasing Civic Engagement
Creating Stable Jobs
Community Organizing

We do what works We have the experience. We have the teams.

Taking Action.

Registering voters in historically ignored areas. We know the pressing issues in the community. It’s our community and these are the issues that drive us to do this work!

Personal investment in communities by creating jobs and empowering members of the community to build their own economic and political power.

Strengthening communities by providing education, social programs and valuable job training. Self sufficient and independent communities are strong communities.

Mi Vecino is hiring!

Spreading Our Message.

How do we help people? By giving them the tools to help themselves.

We are speaking up to provide voting education and access for ALL people! 

Our voice and our vote are powerful!

We're Better Together!

At Mi Vecino we work to create positive social, electoral and economic change by organizing in our communities. We want our work to make a difference and we want you to join the team! Just fill out this quick form and we will help you get started working with us to create a brighter, better Florida.

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Slide Region 1 - House District 87 Region 2 - House District 43 Region 4 - Senate District 35 With approximately 52,000 unregistered
people of voting age we launched here
Lot's of spanish people
we want their votes
to vote for Devon.
Region 3 - House District 42 Region 5 - Senate District 36 Region 6 - Senate District 37 Lot's of spanish people
we want their votes
to vote for Devon.