Mi Vecino Announces 30,000 Doors Knocked Milestone in Central Florida

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA – In mid-December, Mi Vecino launched a door-to-door canvassing program in an effort to invest early in engaging voters ahead of the 2024 elections. The year-round group, with operations across three Central Florida counties and Miami-Dade, announced that just two months after their door program launch they’ve already knocked on 30,000 doors. 61% of the voters Mi Vecino … Read More

Mi Vecino Celebrates the First Hispanic Congressional District To Meet Ballot Qualification Threshold as Reproductive Rights Initiative Qualifies for the 2024 Florida Ballot

Kissimmee, Florida – The Reproductive Freedom Citizens Initiative has qualified for the 2024 ballot. The latest numbers released by Florida’s Division of Elections show that an additional four congressional districts have met the verified petition threshold. One of those districts, FL-9, was the target of Mi Vecino’s Hispanic voter-centered petition collection program, and is the first majority Hispanic district to … Read More

Mi Vecino Applauds Job Growth for Hispanics Under President Biden

Miami, Florida – Mi Vecino, a grassroots powerhouse championing Hispanic communities, has witnessed the positive impact of the Biden administration’s policies on the lives of Hispanic families in Florida. “Florida’s 600,000 Hispanic-owned businesses contribute over $90 billion to the economy. Despite this, Governor DeSantis has continuously targeted our community, making it increasingly difficult for Hispanic entrepreneurs and families to thrive,” … Read More

Mi Vecino Celebrates 10,000 Petitions Collected from Hispanic Voters to put Reproductive Freedom on the Florida Ballot

Kissimmee, Florida – As Florida seeks to become the next state to protect abortion access via citizen initiative, Mi Vecino celebrates a major milestone: collecting 10,000 petitions from Hispanic voters for Florida’s initiative to limit government interference with abortion. Mi Vecino’s petition collection program was born from the organization’s deep-rooted connection with the community formed through their year-round voter contact … Read More

Alex Berrios, Co-Founder of Mi Vecino, Mobilizes Hispanic Men to Support Reproductive Freedom Movement

Miami, Florida – Alex Berrios, co-founder of Mi Vecino, is spearheading a field program to rally support for reproductive rights within the Hispanic community, focusing on engaging Hispanic men through face-to-face conversations on the ground. Berrios, a Puerto Rican and Cuban boxer, is running a successful program that connects traditional Hispanic masculinity and values to support for reproductive freedom. The … Read More

Judge Walker Sides with Mi Vecino in SB 7050 Lawsuit

Kissimmee, Florida, July 5th, 2023 – Mi Vecino, Florida’s only year-round voter registration organization, is celebrating its first win in their lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis after a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction for parts of SB 7050 on Monday. Three Mi Vecino employees are key plaintiffs in the case against DeSantis, each of whom stand to lose their jobs … Read More