GEM Campaign 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our Mi Vecino GEM Campaign 2023; a Recurring Monthly Donor Drive (Give Every Month). Recurring donations are essential to our ability to plan ahead, meet staff and overhead expenses, and expand voter outreach in Latino communities across Florida. This work is a marathon – not a sprint – and takes sustained effort and determination year-round.

Florida is worth fighting for — and Mi Vecino fights for democracy in Florida every single day.

Mi Vecino has the data, the plan, and the dedication to flip Florida through year-round organizing, canvassing, educating and registering new voters. We support what YOU value – democracy.

Mi Vecino moved the needle in 5 counties by registering 25,000 Latino voters in the 2022 cycle.

In 2023, we want to double that production!

Help us keep our momentum on the ground!

Help Flip Florida BLUE!

Support Mi Vecino! 

Please be a GEM — We need you.

Here’s what our supporters have to say:

I support Mi Vecino primarily because it is an enduring organization to engage with citizens year round and every year. Too much effort is put into short-term efforts to GOTV, and – frankly – I think much of the money is wasted. Mi Vecino has become a consistent force in the neighborhoods with knowledgeable experts on voting. This will create a culture of voting in a key State, so I feel it is very worthy of my investment.
— Chris K, Oregon
No doubt, the political return on my donations to Mi Vecino is high. But the emotional return, giving to this smart, earnest and nimble group is higher still. I feel like I’m making a big difference with good people.
— Ken S, New York
Florida is ground zero in my fight for gun safety and in our collective fight for democracy. I will never give up on Florida and neither will Mi Vecino. That’s why I support their grassroots efforts to register and mobilize our most disenfranchised communities. Mi Vecino shows up every single day. If Stacey can do it in Georgia, we can do it in Florida.
— Fred G, Florida