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Initial contributors planting growth seeds. Their support lays foundational stones for future community growth and engagement.


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Companions in our journey, these donors walk with us, offering steadfast support and solidarity in nurturing community connections.


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Protectors of our mission, their significant contributions safeguard and nurture the initiatives, ensuring  progress.

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“I support Mi Vecino primarily because it is an enduring organization to engage with citizens year round and every year. Too much effort is put into short-term efforts to GOTV, and – frankly – I think much of the money is wasted. Mi Vecino has become a consistent force in the neighborhoods with knowledgeable experts on voting. This will create a culture of voting in a key State, so I feel it is very worthy of my investment.”

Chris K, Oregon

"No doubt, the political return on my donations to Mi Vecino is high. But the emotional return, giving to this smart, earnest and nimble group is higher still. I feel like I’m making a big difference with good people.”"

- Ken S, New York

“Florida is ground zero in my fight for gun safety and in our collective fight for democracy. I will never give up on Florida and neither will Mi Vecino. That’s why I support their grassroots efforts to register and mobilize our most disenfranchised communities. Mi Vecino shows up every single day. If Stacey can do it in Georgia, we can do it in Florida.”

Fred G, Florida


Empowering Communities

Mi Vecino is committed to the empowerment and improvement of  minority communities in Florida. These are OUR communities. We live here, our children live here, our friends and family live here.

We are building organizing power within Florida’s most underserved and disadvantaged communities. This is how we will create our own opportunities and improve our representation. Mi Vecino is a diverse, grassroots organization working hard and smart to empower and educate our neighbors.

Why do we do it? Because we want our independence. We want more than representation, we want GOOD representation. We want equal opportunities, equal access to jobs and equal education.  

Our work is empowering people and connecting resources to the communities that need them most.

People Skills

Face To Face Conversations

Mi Vecino defines organizing as people talking to people.

You can't build a relationship with a tweet, a text an ad or a piece of mail. Mi Vecino puts in the time to show our community we care, not just tell them we do

Empower Those Who Feel Powerless

Being Authentic Will Always Be The Thing To Be

Empowering Voices, Shaping Futures

Mi Vecino stands as Florida's most dynamic force in the realm of voting rights, with a resolute mission to register, educate, and empower those historically marginalized. Since its inception by Devon Murphy-Anderson and Alejandro Berrios in early 2021, Mi Vecino has secured over $3,100,000 in support, mobilizing a wave of minority voters toward active participation in our democracy.

A pivotal aspect of our mission came to life through our data-driven advocacy for the abortion rights ballot initiative. Mi Vecino's strategic mobilization within Florida's 9th Congressional District, a region with a dominating Hispanic presence, was instrumental in qualifying the initiative there, marking a landmark victory for reproductive rights among Latinos. Our campaign resonated deeply, securing a broad spectrum of support that transcended traditional boundaries, persuading men, Republicans, and moderates to champion this cause.

Newsweek highlighted our grassroots efforts in a deft report earlier this summer, revealing the immediate challenges posed by SB90 on voters of color. Alex’s perspective on this bill and how he sees it impacting real people as the Field Director for Mi Vecino was also published in the Sun-Sentinel’s opinion section. Mi Vecino was also featured front and center in a story by the Associated Press. It’s been shared by Florida PoliticsThe Boston GlobeThe Washington PostYahoo NewsUS NewsPalm Beach Postand others. We’re thrilled to see our work take the national stage; now, millions of readers understand the critical service Mi Vecino provides our communities and our democracy.

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