Year-Round Organizing. Really.

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Our Vecinos

Veronica Herrera-Lucha, Florida State Field Director

Veronica Herrera-Lucha, a professional in social sciences who was born and educated in El Salvador, is an attorney with a Masters in political science. Veronica centered her career around defending the voiceless, helping dignify women and censure respect, values and the human rights of the most unprotected. After coming to the United States, Veronica was still driven by her passion for equity, and so began working on, and volunteering for, political campaigns in Central FL in 2017. Starting as a volunteer and a canvasser, she knocked doors for a plethora of Florida organizations and consulting firms. Because of the cyclical nature of campaigning, Veronica, who is a natural leader, was never given the opportunity to lead. Veronica started with Mi Vecino in mid-2021 as their Central Florida Regional Field Director and was promoted to the State Director position a year later in 2022.



Lucy Rodríguez, Central Florida Regional Field Director

Lucy was born in the Dominican Republic and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Apec University. She worked in pharmaceutical marketing, managing the top accounts in the Dominican Republic. She has been residing in Florida since 2016, and ever since then she has been involved in helping the community and volunteering for multiple organizations.

Lucy started working to help build Hispanic civic participation in 2017 as a canvasser and worked her way up to a management position in the 2020 cycle. Due to her performance as a canvasser at Mi Vecino, she was promoted to Field Organizer and subsequently to Regional Field Director overseeing teams across the I-4 corridor in Osceola, Orange, and Polk County.

Lucy is a proud mother and is passionate about helping others and giving back. She is always willing to serve her community.



Devon Murphy-Anderson, Cofounder

Devon Murphy-Anderson is the CEO and Co-founder of Mi Vecino. Previously, she was an indomitable fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party, raising over $20 million for the party in the last election as the Finance Director. Devon’s financial savvy dates back to her childhood when she managed a successful lobstering business in Harpswell, Maine starting at the age of 15. This early exposure to expense reports, complex budgets, and invoices fortified Devon’s financial acumen; however, her personal experience as a young woman navigating a male-dominated industry inspired her deep commitment to equity and social justice. With this ethos in mind, Devon left for Guilford College, where she double-majored in Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies and minored in Economics. After school, Devon dove into politics. Now at Mi Vecino, she’s met more record-breaking fundraising goals. In 2 years, her donor programs have driven over 3 million in donations. These milestones have allowed the organization to grow faster than any other voting rights group in Florida to become the leading grassroots voter registration organization in the state.

Twitter: @Devon_MA12



Alex Berrios, Cofounder

Alejandro (Alex) Berrios is a former boxer turned political operative to help create a fair and equitable world for his son to grow and thrive. The attributes that allowed Alex to succeed and work in combat sports are the same attributes that enable him to excel in politics. After almost 20 years of boxing, Alex turned to a bigger fight with higher stakes.

A Florida native of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, Alex is very familiar with our communities’ diverse nature and cultures. Alex worked with the Florida Democratic Party for multiple cycles to develop successful programs and operations in red and blue counties. Alex has continued his passion for organizing in multicultural communities by developing field programs in partnership with organizations such as The FRRC, Florida For All, New Georgia Project, Somos Votantes, and others.

In 2021 Alex returned to the Florida Democratic Party as a Senior Advisor and then served as their Campaign Director, managing the Field, Data, Voter Protection, Municipal Victory, and Training departments. In 2022, after rehabilitating the FDP field program and improving Democratic voter contact infrastructure in Florida, Alex returned his focus to the grassroots, year-round organizing necessary to win elections in Florida. Alex is the co-founder of Mi Vecino and is fully committed to Mi Vecino’s mission of sustainable year-round organizing.

Twitter: @Aberrios



Our Story

Within the confines of a system resistant to change, Devon and Alex found themselves at a crossroads. Encountering the all-too-familiar refrain from the higher echelons of the Democratic Party - "This is how we've always done things" - their calls for a more inclusive, effective approach to voter engagement, especially in communities of color, were met with skepticism. Leadership doubted their potential as change-makers, urging them to fall in line rather than disrupt the status quo.

But Devon and Alex were not deterred. Bound by a shared conviction that the existing framework of voter outreach in Florida was fundamentally flawed - with Devon witnessing cycles of inefficient financial expenditure and Alex observing the transactional nature of voter programs that left communities of color feeling exploited - they knew that the path to genuine engagement required bold, unprecedented action.

As the dust settled on Florida's 2020 election, with voting trends within Hispanic communities laying bare the shortcomings of traditional strategies, Devon and Alex's resolve only strengthened. They understood that change wouldn't come from waiting on the sidelines, wringing hands in frustration. It demanded courage, tenacity, and the willingness to carve out a new path.



In January 2021, amidst a climate of uncertainty and entrenched resistance, they took a leap of faith. Mi Vecino was born out of this act of defiance - a declaration that the voices of the marginalized were not only necessary but integral to the democratic fabric of Florida. With minimal resources but an abundance of resolve, they embarked on a voter registration drive that, against all odds, quickly burgeoned into the state's largest.

Mi Vecino's rise from a fledgling initiative to a powerhouse of voter engagement is a testament to Devon and Alex's unyielding spirit. Each obstacle surmounted, each voter registered, each community empowered stands as a rebuke to the naysayers who doubted their vision. It's a narrative not just of triumph over adversity but of the transformative power of unwavering belief in a cause greater than oneself.

Devon and Alex's journey with Mi Vecino is a beacon of hope, a reminder that the courage to challenge the status quo can indeed reshape the landscape of political engagement. It's a story of not just founding an organization, but of redefining what's possible when conviction meets action.